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After letting Suarez go and not having much reinforcement on the front line, Anzu Fati supported the team’s offensive line, scored 3 goals in two rounds, and opened the team in a row. For the record, Barcelona has won two consecutive victories in the start of the new season in La Liga. This African-born youth has contributed.

在让Suarez离开并且在第一线没有太多加强后,Anzu Fati支持了球队的进攻线,在两轮比赛中攻入3球,并连续打开了球队。根据记录,巴塞罗那在西甲新赛季开始时已经连续两次夺冠。这个非洲出生的青年做出了贡献。

This season, he will get more opportunities under Koeman, and he may also become a key figure to save Barcelona in trouble with Messi. Although he is only 17 years old, because of the minor alcohol prohibition, the best player in La Liga sponsored by Budweiser cannot even be awarded to him at present-this is why Fati played very well in these two league rounds. Excellent, but just missed an MVP, this is not La Liga eccentricity.


In 2002, Anzu Fati was born in Bissau, the capital of Guinea-Bissau. His father Polly played football in Guinea-Bissau before and later made a living by assisting in running low-level clubs in Portugal. In 2001, Polly saw a propaganda article about the Spanish town of Marinaleda in the newspaper and decided to go to Spain to seek a better life.

2002年,Anzu Fati出生在几内亚比绍的首都比绍。他的父亲波莉(Polly)曾在几内亚比绍(Guinnea-Bissau)踢足球,后来通过协助在葡萄牙经营低级别的俱乐部谋生。 2001年,波莉在报纸上看到有关西班牙小镇马里纳莱达的宣传文章,并决定去西班牙谋求更好的生活。

Juan Gaudillo, the mayor of this small town, is a well-known idealist politician in Spain. He has been managing his hometown of Marina Leda since 1979, and has been committed to turning the town into an ideal country. For example, let the cooperatives allocate various resources and provide job opportunities, and set the income of all types of work at 1,200 euros a month, or even set up a police station in the town, relying on people to be self-sufficient and self-disciplined. For immigrants, it is the most ideal place to stay.

该小镇的市长胡安·高迪略(Juan Gaudillo)是西班牙著名的理想主义者。自1979年以来,他一直在管理自己的玛丽娜·莱达(Marina Leda)的家乡,并致力于将小镇变成一个理想的国家。例如,让合作社分配各种资源并提供就业机会,将所有工作的收入设定为每月1200欧元,甚至在镇上建立派出所,依靠人民自给自足-纪律严明。对于移民来说,这是最理想的住宿地点。

Polly had no money when he first arrived in Spain, so he begged all the way to his destination. He happened to ran into the mayor Gaudillo on the way. Later, Gaudillo recalled in an interview that all the identity documents on Polly's body were fake Yes, it was obviously deceived before. In the end, he got a job as a driver for Polly in the town. He usually drove a garbage truck. Sometimes Gaudillo needed to go out on patrols and he would also let Polly accompany him as his driver.


Poli, whose life stabilized, found a foothold in Herrera, another small town next to Marina Leda, which is where Fati grew up after coming to Spain. The ball he played on the streets of Bissau when he was young was a crude toy made by his mother using several pairs of torn socks of the same size. Later he came to Spain to live. He and a few brothers had the opportunity to enter the club’s youth training camp and get better Opportunities for growth. Gaudí briefly watched 6 and 7-year-old Fati playing football. According to what he said, "he is better than Messi of the same age", and being able to enter the professional club youth training system can prevent talent from being wasted.

稳定生活的波利(Poli)在玛丽娜·莱达(Marina Leda)旁边的另一个小镇埃雷拉(Herrera)找到了立足点,法蒂(Fati)来到西班牙后便在那里成长。他年轻时在比绍的大街上打的球是他母亲用几双相同大小的破袜子制造的粗制玩具。后来他来到西班牙居住。他和几个兄弟有机会进入俱乐部的青年训练营,并获得了更好的成长机会。高迪短暂地看了看6岁和7岁的法蒂踢足球。据他所说,“他比同龄的梅西更好”,而且能够进入职业俱乐部青年训练体系可以防止人才的浪费。

Soon after coming to Spain, Fati entered the local youth academy in Herrera. In 2010, he joined the youth academy in Seville, and after two years, he became a member of the youth academy in La Masia. At that time, Real Madrid also met this young man and wanted to compete with Barcelona. At that time, Puig, who was serving as the youth training coach in La Masia, played an important role in the competition for this young talent. He opened up for the Fati family. With better conditions, they finally succeeded in persuading them to send their children to Barcelona.

来到西班牙后不久,法蒂进入了埃雷拉当地的青年学院。 2010年,他加入了塞维利亚的青年学院,两年后,他成为拉马西亚青年学院的成员。当时,皇家马德里也遇到了这个年轻人,并想与巴塞罗那竞争。当时,曾在拉马西亚(La Masia)担任青年训练教练的普伊格(Puig)在这项年轻才俊的比赛中发亚搏电竞挥了重要作用。他向法蒂一家开放。在更好的条件下,他们终于成功说服了他们把孩子们送到巴塞罗那。

In the Barcelona youth training of this age, Fati and Kubo Kenying are the two most star-like people. Although Fati is generally one year younger than his teammates, he is not at a disadvantage when playing games and has outstanding talents quickly. It is reflected in the scoring data of the two outstanding. For the first time Fati cooperated with Kubo Jianying, he provided the latter with two assists. Just entering Barcelona's first season, Fati scored 56 goals, making everyone shine.


Since then, the teenager has grown steadily in the Barcelona youth training camp. It is not without twists and turns. For example, in 2014, FIFA severely fined Barcelona and issued a youth training transfer ban. A group of small players did not have the opportunity to represent the team during the ban. , Which later led to the loss of talents like Kubo Kenying. And Fati was also fouled by a small Spaniard player in a youth team's Catalan Derby, breaking his tibia and fibula. That period was undoubtedly Fati's worst time, but he finally managed to persevere and continued to display his talents on the court, allowing the entire Spanish football to see his potential more and more.

从那时起,这个少年在巴塞罗那青年训练营中稳步成长。它并非没有曲折。例如,2014年,国际足联(FIFA)对巴塞罗那进行了严厉的罚款,并发布了禁止青年训练的转会令。禁赛期间,一群小球员没有机会代表球队。 ,后来导致久保健英等人才流失。法蒂(Fati)在青年队的加泰罗尼亚德比(Catalan Derby)中还被一名西班牙小球员犯规,破坏了胫骨和腓骨。那段时间无疑是法提最糟糕的时光,但他终于设法坚持不懈,继续在球场上展现自己的才华,这让整个西班牙足球看到了越来越多的潜力。

Masset, a football journalist who focuses on the Barcelona youth training, once commented on Fati: "The level of touch is like a shadow forward; his ability is like a winger; his assist thinking is like a midfielder; and the center forward's shooting skills." On the offensive end, we can understand why Barcelona put him on the first team when he was 16 years old.


(Fati’s player card in Herrera’s youth training camp)


At the beginning of last season, when Fati received the notice of being promoted to the first team, he immediately called his family. His father’s cell phone was not connected, and her mother was the first family member to know the good news. Thought Fati was joking. After all, a 16-year-old directly entering the Barcelona first team is really too small an event. But that night, when Fati began to talk about how Messi welcomed him to join the first team on behalf of members of the first team, everyone knew that there was a real football genius at home. Promoted to the first team in the first season, Fati has scored 7 goals for the team in the league, continuing a good momentum of development.


Fati at the beginning of the season is even more surprising. One of his major characteristics is the efficiency of seizing opportunities in front of the goal. Since last season, including the Cup, Fati scored a total of 17 goals in exchange for 11 goals. This data ranks first among all forwards in the five major leagues.


The first team achieved such results in the first half of the year, and the state of the first two games of the new season is overwhelming. The 17-year-old Fati has focused on the expectations of the entire Catalan media, and a large number of Spanish media have naturally put him on Linked to the claim of Messi’s successor.


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