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A few seconds of video brought Yu Hanchao to the forefront of Chinese football.


After being confirmed by the Guangzhou traffic police to deliberately alter the motor vehicle license plate number, Yu Hanchao was fined 5,000 yuan, administrative detention for 15 days, and 12 points recorded on the driver's license.


Picture from Guangzhou Evergrande official website


Soon after, Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club also imposed a penalty on Yu Hanchao-direct expulsion.


In addition to Yu Hanchao, there are many Chinese football players who have been punished due to off-court incidents. What happened to them later? (This article lists 5 players in total)

除余汉超外,还有许多中国足球运动员因场外赛事而受到处罚。后来他们怎么了? (本文列出了5位玩家)

A farewell poster issued by Liaozu for Zhang Lu


On January 12, 2016, Zhang Lu joined Tianjin Quanjian of the Chinese League with a transfer fee of RMB 70 million. This transfer fee set a new record for the transfer of Chinese professional league players at that time.


In Tianjin Quanjian, Zhang Lu, as the main goalkeeper, helped the team win the third place in the Chinese Super League debut season, and also made it into the quarter-finals in the AFC debut season. In May 2018, with his excellent performance in Tianjin Quanjian, Zhang Lu returned to the national team after a lapse of many years, and subsequently represented the Chinese men's football team in the 2019 Asian Cup, 2022 Qatar World Cup Asian qualifiers and other events.

在天津全剑,主要的门将张璐帮助球队赢得了中超联赛首个赛季的第三名,也进入了亚足联首个赛季的八强。 2018年5月,张璐凭借在天津全剑的出色表现,经过多年的岁月重返国家队,随后代表中国男足参加了2019年亚洲杯,2022年卡塔尔世界杯亚洲预选赛和其他赛事。

Just when people were looking forward to the future of the Tianjin goalkeeper, an off-site scandal happened.


At 22:52 on September 18, 2019, Zhang Lu was driving a car at the intersection of Liuwei Road and Dongxing Road in Hedong District, Tianjin, and was seized by Tianjin Public Security Traffic Management Department for drunk driving (the on-site breath alcohol test result was 191.2mg /100ml).

2019年9月18日22:52,张璐在天津市河东区六纬路与东兴路交叉口驾驶汽车,并被天津市公安交通管理部门扣押酒后驾车(现场呼气)。酒精测试结果为191.2mg / 100ml)。

On the morning of September 20, Zhang Lu was criminally detained by the Hedong Branch of Tianjin Public Security Bureau on suspicion of dangerous driving. On September 21, Tianjin Tianhai Football Club officially issued a statement: Suspension of salary, suspension of training, and suspension of team captain Zhang Lu. Subsequently, the Chinese Football Association also decided to cancel Zhang Lu’s bid to enter the Chinese National Men’s Football Team for 12 months, and cancel Zhang Lu’s participation in the matches organized by the Chinese Football Association for 12 months.

9月20日上午,张露因涉嫌危险驾驶被天津市公安局河东分局刑事拘留。 9月21日,天津天海足球俱乐部正式发布声明:停薪,停训,队长张璐停赛。随后,中国足协还决定取消张璐参加中国国家男子足球队的投标,为期12个月,并取消张璐参加中国足协组织的比赛的12个月。

At 15:00 on September 26, the court heard Zhang Lu's suspected case of dangerous driving. In the end, Zhang Lu was sentenced to four months of detention for dangerous driving.


According to the punishment made by the Chinese Football Association, Zhang Lu’s match ban will end on September 25, 2020. I hope this Tianjin local goalkeeper will be able to reform and rebuild his own glory in the green field.


For a long time, Zhang Xiuwei was regarded by many footballers as the future star of the national football midfielder.


In terms of personal technical characteristics, although Zhang Xiuwei's physical fitness is not outstanding, he is more flexible underfoot and has a good overall view of the field. He entered the reserve team of the French giants Lyon at the age of 18 and became the first young Chinese player to sign with a major European club.


Although he failed to gain a foothold in Lyon, his more than a year in Europe has taught the Sichuan young man the importance of developing his strengths and avoiding weaknesses. When facing strong European players, Zhang Xiuwei will not seek direct physical confrontation, but will use his flexible running position and the ability to pass and receive the ball in a small range to seek opportunities.


On February 1, 2016, Tianjin Quanjian Football Club officially announced the signing of Zhang Xiuwei. In the 2016 season, Zhang Xiuwei played 15 times on behalf of Tianjin Quanjian and contributed 3 goals to help the team win the Chinese Championship.


In the early morning of August 15, 2017, Zhang Xiuwei drunk driving a motor vehicle at the intersection of Yueyang Road and Kunming Road in Heping District of Tianjin City and hit 6 motor vehicles parked on the roadside, causing damage to 7 motor vehicles. On the evening of the next day, Zhang Xiuwei was criminally detained by Tianjin Public Security and Peace Bureau on suspicion of dangerous driving.


On November 30, 2017, the Heping District Court of Tianjin announced that Zhang Xiuwei was guilty of dangerous driving and sentenced to three months of detention, three months of probation, and a fine of RMB 8,000.


On January 30, 2018, the official website of the Chinese Football Association announced: Tianjin Quanjian player Zhang Xiuwei banned for 9 months due to age fraud. The Football Association ticket clearly stated that Zhang Xiuwei used the false birth date of March 13, 1994 to sign up, but his true birth date was actually March 13, 1996.


In Chinese football, it is not easy for players who have made mistakes to re-behave. One month after the drunk driving incident, Zhang Xiuwei posted a personal apology letter on social platforms, expressing his deep reflection on the mistakes he made. However, the Chinese fans at that time did not buy Zhang Xiuwei's apology. Many people believed that an apology letter was not enough to reverse Zhang Xiuwei's impression of people. To save his career, Zhang Xiuwei has to rely on his performance in the game to speak.


On February 7, 2019, Zhang Xiuwei joined Guangzhou Evergrande with a transfer fee of 2.6 million euros. In the Evergrande team, which is strictly governing the army, Zhang Xiuwei further strengthened his restraint. He publicly stated in the critical period of last season's championship: uninstall all unnecessary social software and devote all attention to football itself.


The discussion about Zhang Xiuwei has never stopped, but what is different from before is that people's discussion of Zhang Xiuwei is more focused on football itself, and the negative news similar to the past can be said to be decreasing. Perhaps Zhang Xiuwei's skills are far from the point where he can carry the Evergrande midfielder, but he is at least proving to the world that as long as he works hard, negative news will eventually turn into the past.


If you want to ask who is the most important among the current SIPG local players, I believe many fans will vote for Wang Shenchao. Although Wang Shenchao's personal characteristics at both ends of the offense and defense are quite satisfactory, his "big oil" attribute can give him a lot of points. Wang Shenchao can be qualified for multiple positions such as left back, right back, center back, and full-back. All-rounder of buckle.

如果您想问一下在当前SIPG本地球员中谁是最重要的,我相信许多球迷会投票支持Wang Shenchao。尽管王申超在攻防两端的个人特征都令人满意,但他的“大油”属性可以给他很多分。王深超可以胜任多个位置,例如左后卫,右后卫,中后卫和后卫。全能扣。

On May 26, 2018, Wang Shenchao played as a substitute in the friendly match between the Chinese men's football team and Myanmar. Before playing, Wang Shenchao hid a string of necklaces in his socks. When he thought that no one noticed him, he quickly took out the necklace and put it around his neck.


Who would have thought that Wang Shenchao's series of operations were caught by a camera on the sidelines. Nine days later, he publicly apologized for the previous "necklace door" on social media, and said that in the future, he will be more disciplined and strictly abide by the rules of the game. However, most fans did not buy into the SIPG international’s apology: Why did they wait until June 4 for the mistakes made on May 26? Shouldn't Wang Shenchao, a national football player, explain the whole story immediately after the incident?


On June 11, 2018, the Chinese Football Association also publicly announced the punishment decision for Wang Shenchao's violation of discipline and regulations. Because Wang Shenchao wore jewelry to compete in the previous national team warm-up match, which violated the rules and caused adverse effects, he was criticized and disqualified from entering the national football team for one year (from May 26, 2018 to May 26, 2019). day). Soon after, the Shanghai SIPG Football Club to which Wang Shenchao belongs also responded: for Wang Shenchao's implementation of internal notifications and a fine of 20,000 yuan.

2018年6月11日,中国足协还公开宣布对王申超违反纪律的处罚决定。由于王申超在上届国家代表队热身赛中穿着珠宝参加比赛,这违反了规则并造成了不良影响,因此受到批评并取消了进入国家橄榄球队的资格(从2018年5月26日至5月26日, 2019)。天)。不久,王神超所属的上海SIPG足球俱乐部也作出回应:对王神超执行内部通知书并处以2万元罚款。

With the passage of time, the "necklace door" that had been heated up before has gradually become a thing of the past. In today's Shanghai SIPG, Wang Shenchao has become a key figure in the team's side attack and defense. His stable performance in the backcourt has become an effective guarantee for the SIPG defense, and occasional back-in assists can also share the pressure of Hulk and other foreign players.


After Pereira entered the home team, the Portuguese coach also gave Wang Shenchao a brand new tactical responsibility-he was required to adduct to the penalty area many times during the game to participate in outflank shots. Such a requirement may seem impractical for a full-back, but when I think about it carefully, Pereira has fully understood Wang Shenchao's personal technical characteristics (flexible positioning, passable and shootable).


Last season, Wang Shenchao represented Shanghai SIPG in 38 games in all competitions, scoring 5 goals and 4 assists, helping Shanghai SIPG win the third place in the Chinese Super League and advance to the quarterfinals of the AFC Champions League. In January 2020, with his outstanding performance in Shanghai SIPG, Wang Shenchao was successfully selected into the technical archives of the first batch of outstanding Chinese players in the league.

上赛季,王申超在所有比赛中代表上海SIPG出战38场比赛,打入5球和4助攻,帮助上海SIPG赢得了中国超级联赛的第三名,并晋级了亚冠联赛的八强。 2020年1月,凭借在上海SIPG的出色表现,王申超被成功选入联盟首批优秀中国球员的技术档案。

In the recent 10 years of Chinese football, Gao Lin is undoubtedly the card figure of the national football center. During the ten years of playing for Evergrande, Gao Lin helped Guangzhou Evergrande win 8 Super Cup championships, 2 AFC Champions League championships, 4 Super Cup championships, and 2 FA Cup championships as a main player. On a personal level, Gao Lin scored a goal in the 2013 AFC Champions League final and became the only Chinese player who can score in the AFC Champions League final so far.


In the 20th round of the 2015 Chinese Super League, Guangzhou Evergrande played away to Liaoning Football Club. After the start of the game, some Liao football fans have been insulting Guangzhou Evergrande forward Gao Lin (in the 2012 season, Gao Lin pointed his finger at the home team fans after Liaozu's home goal, and kept this action around the field. This provocative action angered For some Liao football fans, the two sides formed a bridge). In the 20th minute of the game, Gao Lin opened the record. After the goal, Gao Lin stretched out his index finger to his mouth, and then kept swinging his right hand in response to the insults from some Liao football fans.


After entering the second half, Gao Lin made another contribution. After scoring the goal, Gao Lin was facing the home fans with his left hand pulling his neck and his right hand imitating a face slap.


After the incident, the Chinese Football Association decided after a meeting to discuss and study Gao Lin's penalty of suspension of 5 games + a fine of 25,000 yuan. But from another point of view, although Gao Lin has not calm behavior, but the main reason is the continued insults and personal attacks by some fans of the home team. After the game, some irrational fans even spread the insults to their family members, which made Gao Lin unbearable.


As he grew older, Gao Lin gradually faded out of the main lineup of the National Football Team and Guangzhou Evergrande. On January 11, 2020, Gao Lin bid farewell to the Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club, which has played for many years on social media. On February 24, Shenzhen Kaisa Football Club officially announced that Gao Lin would join the team.

随着年龄的增长,高林逐渐淡出了国家橄榄球队和广州恒大的主力阵容。 2020年1月11日,Gao琳告别广州恒大足球俱乐部,该俱乐部已经在社交媒体上打了很多年。 2月24日,深圳凯萨足球俱乐部正式宣布,高林将加入该团队。

Judging from the veteran's competitive state, he is fully capable of establishing a foothold in the Super League. The reason why he chose to go to the Chinese Premier League with a "self-returning status" is because Gao Lin started to think more about his family at the end of his career.


In terms of talent, Mao Jianqing can definitely rank among the wing players in Chinese football in recent years. He is dribbling dexterous, explosive, and has a very outstanding wing assist ability. According to common sense, such a talented wing fast horse is likely to become the backbone of the national football attack, but it is regrettable that Mao Jianqing's reckless and impulsive character determines that it is difficult for him to set foot on a higher platform.


On December 1, 2008, Mao Jianqing, who was playing for Shanghai Shenhua at the time, and a few friends were in a typhoon shelter restaurant near Maoming South Road and Changle Road. They gangly beat a Mr. Xu who was dining in the restaurant. It is understood that after get off work, Mr. Xu went to the typhoon shelter with two female friends for dinner. When he walked into the restaurant, he found a former female colleague and Mao Jianqing and others were sitting at the same table for dinner, and stepped forward to say hello to her.


Soon after, Mr. Xu’s former female colleague poured a cup of tea and came to the table, and toasted Mr. Xu "with tea instead of wine". No one thought that before Mr. Xu could react, several Shenhua players and former basketball player Xu Yong rushed to the table and threatened: "I will hit whoever talks to her again!" (Female who offers tea to Mr. Xu The colleague is actually Xu Yong’s girlfriend. The latter went to toast Mr. Xu for tea in order to be angry with Xu Yong.) A few seconds later, they began to fight Mr. Xu.

不久之后,徐先生的前女同事倒了一杯茶,来到餐桌前,“用茶代替酒”敬酒了徐先生。没有人认为在徐先生做出反应之前,几名神华球员和前篮球运动员徐勇冲到桌子前威胁说:“无论谁再跟她说话,我都会打!” (向徐先生喝茶的女同事实际上是徐勇的女友。后者是为了向徐勇生气而敬酒徐先生。)几秒钟后,他们开始与徐先生打架。

According to Mr. Xu, the other party picked up the ashtrays, glasses and other objects on the table and threw them at him. After Mao Jianqing hit the table, he even lifted the table and stepped on Mr. Xu with his feet. After many days, Mr. Xu recalled that night and still had lingering fears: "Fortunately, the other people present and my former female colleague desperately held them, or I would be killed by them."


During the conflict, the two female friends who came with Mr. Xu immediately dialed 110 to ask the police for help. Upon seeing this, Mao Jianqing tried to drive away, but the retreat plan formulated by Mao Jianqing and others ended in failure due to the rapid police dispatch. After being captured on the spot, Mao Jianqing and others were immediately taken by the police to the Ruijin Second Road Police Station for investigation. Mao Jianqing was eventually detained by the police for 7 days and fined 500 yuan because he could not pay 100,000 yuan in compensation.


On December 8, 2008, after ending his seven-day detention life, Mao Jianqing was taken home at 7:05 in the morning. Soon after, the Shanghai Shenhua Football Club also announced the punishment for Mao Jianqing's assault: a major demerit, and if he commits another offence, he will be expelled. According to Shenhua General Counsel Zhang Defa, due to the bad nature of the matter, Shenhua Club was considering expelling the players directly. However, since Mao Jianqing’s mother was seriously ill at the time and required a lot of surgical expenses, and Mao Jianqing was the family’s main source of income, an exception was made. He has a chance.


Surprisingly, after this incident, Mao Jianqing still did not change his reckless character, and in the end he also paid a heavier price for his character.


At the end of the 2013 season, Shanghai Shenxin, to which Mao Jianqing belonged, was in a critical period of relegation. In the team confrontation on the afternoon of October 3, substitute Zhang Yudong uprooted the foreign aid Charles, so he was kicked by the captain Jiang Zhipeng. Jiang Zhipeng believes that the team is currently employing personnel, and the substitute players should avoid large-scale fouls to avoid hurting the main players.


Mao Jianqing and Jiang Zhipeng

Mao J Ian请按D Jiang zh i彭

Although Zhang Yudong did not say anything on the training ground, the matter did not end there. That night, Mao Jianqing and a few local Shanghai players took the aggrieved Zhang Yudong out to drink to relieve their worries. Under the anesthesia of a large amount of alcohol, Mao Jianqing's impulsive personality shortcomings were once again exposed. He and Xu Wen led Zhang Yudong to Jiang Zhipeng's dormitory late at night to ask for an explanation, but Jiang Zhipeng believed that his actions were not at fault, and the two sides fought in the dormitory.


After the incident, Shanghai Shenxin's then coach Guo Guangqi and club owner Xu Guoliang quickly rushed to the place where the incident occurred. Considering that the derby match with Shanghai East Asia is approaching, the club's senior officials issued a strict ban, and only a few perpetrators were suspended from training.


After the Shanghai Derby, people gradually shifted their attention to why Mao Jianqing and others did not enter the 18-man rosters, and the group fight in the Shenxin team was exposed. A few days later, the Shanghai Shenxin Club finally made an official response: expelling Mao Jianqing.


With the passing of time, Mao Jianqing, who once "has been addicted to alcohol like life", also lost a trace of vigor. After leaving Shenhua, he played for Chanba in Shaanxi, Greentown in Hangzhou, Guoan in Beijing, Shenxin in Shanghai, Zhongneng in Qingdao, and Yongchang in Shijiazhuang, and later returned to Shenhua, but he never realized his talent. Due to frequent injuries at the end of his career, Mao Jianqing announced his retirement on March 4, 2020, and immediately joined the Shanghai Fighting Sky Football Club of China Second Division as a player and assistant coach.


For the new role, Mao Jianqing also expressed an active learning attitude. He said in an interview with Oriental Sports Daily: "I know very well that I am not enough in terms of business ability. I will continue to learn." At the same time, Mao Jianqing, who has a "rich and colorful" player career, is also more capable. Understand what the players feel and think, he will actively enlighten everyone from the psychological level to ensure the cohesion of the team.


There is no shortage of young and frivolous characters in the history of Chinese football, who have made some unforgivable and bad mistakes. However, as they grow older and mature in their minds, these mistakes will become a valuable asset in their lives, and they will always be on guard.


For Yu Hanchao, once things happen, they must face it bravely. As Evergrande told team reporter Pan Weili said: "After the new season starts, I look forward to Hanchao's performance on the court to regain his glory."


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