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   Compared with Korean entertainment stars, apart from Sun Xinghan, who was in the Premier League, there are not many world hits that Korean sports can create.


   However, the recent experience of a star in the country has caused a lot of waves on the Chinese Internet-this is the case of the coach, known as the strongest short track speed skating talent in history, being sexually assaulted by the coach.


   If you take a closer look at the facts of the case, you will find that what happened to her is simply sensational.




   As the "gold medalist" and "dream team" of Korean sports, the status of the short track speed skating team in South Korea is comparable to the existence of the Chinese diving team.


  Shen Xixi, who became famous as a young man, shined in the world at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. She had just turned 17 at the time, but she was already the most powerful "secret weapon" of the South Korean team.


   In the women's 1500m final, Shen Xixi remained in the lead with the last two laps left. However, the Chinese star Zhou Yang found the right time to put his strength in and achieved a wonderful lead in the inner lane.


   finally completed the most beautiful reversal of Chinese athletes in this Winter Olympics to win gold, and it became a hot topic on the Internet at that time.


   After the game, Shen Xixi’s performance was criticized by the South Korean media, saying that “as a key training object of the Korean team, he failed to help his country win the gold medal at a critical moment.


   It’s a shame to be reversed by the Chinese when he is still in the lead and his personal ability is strong! "

当他仍然处于领先地位并且个人能力很强时,中国人会扭转这种耻辱! ”

   If it is good, it will be all good. Once you step on it to the end, the media's public opinion is changing rapidly, both at home and abroad.


For the young girl who made her debut in the Winter Olympics, it was against Zhou Yang, who is the defending champion. The harshness of South Korean public opinion at that time can be said to deeply reflect her loss of short track speed skating's inevitable gain and loss. psychological.


   In the subsequent women's 3000-meter relay, Shen Xixi successfully "revenged" the Chinese team and surpassed Li Jianrou on the final lap of the game to help the South Korean team win the gold medal.


After    won the championship, there was an immediate reversal of public opinion. Overnight, the talented girl Shen Xixi returned and became a national hero.


   Shen Xixi's family, growth process and all the trivial matters of life have been unearthed and become part of the shaping of a great personality.


   The Korean media praised her with a height of 1.75 meters and slender limbs. She is a rare "new human" on the ice rink and has a bright future.


   At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics four years later, the 21-year-old Shen Xixi led the South Korean team to win the women’s 3000-meter relay gold medal.


   However, the number one female speed skater in South Korea has been living in the shadow of a man, 39-year-old Jo Jae Bum.

但是亚搏电竞官方入口,韩国排名第一的女子速滑运动员一直生活在39岁的男子乔Jae Bum的阴影下。



   Cho Jae Bum used to be the head coach of the Korean short track women's team. In addition to discovering Shen Xixi, he also trained another star player for the Korean short track team-Choi Minjeong.

Cho Jae Bum曾经是韩国短道女队的主教练。除了发现沉希希,他还为韩国短道队崔敏贞训练了另一位明星球员。

   Before the opening of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, South Korean President Moon Jae-in went to the Olympic Village to visit the short track team and encouraged the team to continue to win glory for the country. However, in the meeting of the president, only Shen Xixi was missing.


   Soon, South Korea broke out that Shen Xixi was absent because he was slapped by Zhao Jae Bum and left the Olympic Village in anger.


   The news caused an uproar due to suspected deception of the President.


   In order to calm the situation and not affect the goal of the gold medal team before the Olympics to win all the short track gold medals, the Korean Ice League immediately suspended Jo Jae-Bum.

为了使局势平静下来并且不影响奥运会前夺得所有短道金牌的金牌队伍的目标,韩国冰联赛立即暂停了Jo Jae-Bum。

   Park Se-woo, the head coach of the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics, temporarily took over his job, and through persuasion, he recalled Shen Xixi to prepare for the Olympics.


  Perhaps the psychological shadow is difficult to dissolve and the pressure after the incident is exposed. At Pyeongchang home, the more mature Shen Xixi, except for the relay gold medal, was out early in all three individual events.


   After the end of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the Korean Sports Ministry intervened in the investigation of the incident, and Jo Jae-Bum was permanently removed from the Korean Ice League.


   In May of that year, Zhao Zaifan was hired as the coach of the Chinese Short Track Speed ​​Skating Team for a four-year contract.


   But only a month later, he offered to resign.


   Following the announcement of the details of the domestic investigation in South Korea, Jo Jae Bum was prosecuted.


  According to the disclosed content, he often used a skating tool to beat Shen Xixi to the head during training.


   Shen Xixi testified that he did not perform well at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics because he was frequently beaten by his coach and caused a concussion.


   In September 2018, Cho Jae Bum was found by the Suwon District Court to violate the Korean Ice League’s prohibition on violence and sentenced to 10 months in prison for assaulting athletes.

2018年9月,水原地方法院裁定Cho Jae Bum违反了韩国冰上联盟对暴力的禁令,并因殴打运动员被判处10个月监禁。

   However, the relationship between the two is not as simple as beating and violence.


   In January 2019, after careful consideration, Shen Xixi stepped forward to further accuse Zhao Zaifan of having sexually assaulted him more than 30 times.


   Just last week, at the second public trial of this case, when Shen Xixi appeared in court to testify, she shed tears about Zhao Jae-fan's behavior of sexually assaulting herself many times since 2014.


   Especially when the nightmare first happened, Shen Xixi was still in the second year of high school and was only a 17-year-old minor.


  Because of suspicion of a lot of privacy, the defense lawyer kept asking Shen Xixi to disclose the details to confirm the facts. This put great pressure on the traumatized Shen Xixi.


   Sexual assault sites include the Korean Sports University ice rink locker room and the ice rink locker rooms of the other two athlete villages. There are about 30 places in total.


  His control of Shen Xixi is all-round, not just physical and mental damage. This kind of sexual requirement usually runs through the requirement of absolute obedience to the players, and even sexual insults.


   When Shen Xixi, who has been with severe depression for the past two and a half years, told about her encounters in tears, she could not restrain her grief and anger, and complained to Zhao Jae Fan in court.


   "I still have to go to the hospital and take medicine, but it is enough for the defendant to admit the crime, (but) why not admit it?"


   On the Internet, many Korean and Chinese netizens expressed sympathy and support for Shen Xixi’s tragic experience, and angrily criticized Jo Jae-Bum, who is a good example of human and teacher, as a beast.


   But in the debate on October 7, Zhao Jae Fan’s lawyer rejected all accusations.


   It is reported that this case will go to a final hearing this Friday (October 16), and Zhao Zaifan will exercise his final defense and final statement rights against these allegations.



   The case of Shen Xixi’s sexual assault is just the tip of the iceberg for the Korean short track speed skating team scandal.


   The first thing that attracted widespread international attention was the "An Hyun-soo being excluded."


   As one of the greatest athletes in the history of short track speed skating, only 21-year-old Ahn Hyun-soo won three golds and one bronze in the unprecedented 2006 Torino Winter Olympics.

作为短道速滑历史上最伟大的运动员之一,只有21岁的安贤s(Ahn Hyun-soo)在空前的2006年都灵冬奥会上获得了三枚金牌和一枚铜牌。

   Vancouver, 4 years later, was the golden age of the 25-year-old An Hyun-soo's athletic career, but he fell victim to the internal factional struggle of the Korean short track team and missed the expedition.

4年后的温哥华,是25岁的安贤-(A Hyun-soo)从事体育事业的黄金时期,但他成为韩国短道队内部派系斗争的受害者,并错过了这次探险。

   In 2011, Ahn Hyun-soo transferred to Russia to return to the international arena and changed his name to Victor-Ann.

2011年,安贤s(Ahn Hyun-soo)调回俄罗斯重返国际舞台,并更名为Victor-Ann。

   At the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Victor Ann, who played at the "home court", represented Russia and achieved the feat of winning 3 golds. As a result, the South Korean short track men's team has become a target of public criticism. The South Korean Ice League has been severely criticized for its failure to cherish talents.

在2014年索契冬季奥运会上,在“主场”比赛的Victor Ann代表俄罗斯,取得了赢得3金的壮举。结果,韩国短道男子队成为公众批评的对象。韩国冰盟因未能珍惜人才而受到严厉批评。

  , Park Geun-hye, who was the president of South Korea at the time, also asked the Korean sports community to reflect on why “An Hyun-soo could not gain a foothold as a former Olympic champion.”

当时的韩国总统朴槿惠(Park Geun-hye)也要求韩国体育界思考为什么“安贤s(A Hyun-soo)无法获得前奥运冠军的立足点。”

   After the incident, Jeon Myung Kyu, the vice chairman of the Korean Ice Federation, known as the "Godfather of Short Track Speed ​​Skating" in South Korea, took the blame and resigned.

事发后,被称为韩国``短道速滑神父''的韩国冰雪联合会副主席全明奎(Myon Kyu)对此负责并辞职。

   However, the dismissal of a single person cannot eliminate the deep-rooted factional disputes, shady selections, and frequent corporal punishment and humiliation of young players in South Korea.


Before the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the female team member Lu Sun-young, who was not selected for the South Korean team, wept and complained: The younger brother Lu Jin-kyu, who was regarded as a talented short-track player, died young of cancer due to the team’s protection four years ago The gold medal mission has delayed the best treatment time for my brother.


   Lu Zhengui, who insisted on training, fainted on the training ground after following the team to Sochi. He was sent back to South Korea and missed the Olympic rink.


   The result of the inspection on returning home was "The cancer has spread to a large area, and the condition has deteriorated seriously!"


   Two years later, Lu Zhengui, who had been lying in the hospital bed for two years, passed away at the age of 23.


Facing the camera, Lu Sun-young cried, “Korean Olympic Committee and the Korean Short Track Speed ​​Skating Team (the year) still used national honor as an excuse to recruit my brother to participate in the Olympics, even knowing my brother’s condition. His condition worsened and unfortunately passed away."


   "After that, they did not even apologize to our family. This behavior has trampled on the dignity of our family."


   "In the future, I will never want to be a representative of such a country."


 亚搏电竞 Although there are constant criticisms, the Korean short track team with its own achievements still has its own way and troubles.


   In a climbing training session last June, PyeongChang Winter Olympic champion Lin Hyo-jun (23) pranked his teammate Huang Daxian (20) off the pants of his teammate.


   Because the latter was hanging in the air and unable to pull up his pants in time, Huang Daxian, who was mocked, was embarrassed and embarrassed in the presence of female players.


   After the incident, he reported to the coaching staff and the Korean Ice League.


All short track speed skating team players (7 male and female players), including Lin Xiaojun and Huang Daxian, were announced to be expelled from the athlete’s village by Zhenchuan Athletes Village for one month. , The discipline is not strict and the problem is serious."

宣布包括林晓军和黄大先在内的所有短道速滑队运动员(包括7名男女运动员),由镇川运动员村驱逐出该运动员村,为期1个月。 ,纪律不严,问题很严重。”

   According to Korean media later reports, Huang Daxian, who suffered a lot of physical and mental damage, was incomprehensible and needed psychological counseling at one time, because every time he thought of it, he felt it was a shame.



   South Korea adopted the policy of granting funds to the association and relying on the selection and training of national competitions to form the national team of the year. Although the composition of personnel can be the strongest, frequent changes in personnel often lead to neglect of the construction of moral education for the team.


   Since 2012, Korea has been pursuing sports education and management in the country. From government officials to the Korean Sports Association, which guides sports work, all efforts have been made to this end.


   South Korea’s "Culture Daily" reported that according to data from the Ministry of Education, in the past three years, more than 100 national education and sports directors have been punished.


   31 cases occurred in Seoul, 24 cases in Gyeonggi Province, 19 cases in Gangwon, 11 cases in Chungbuk, and 10 cases in Ulsan.


   96 people have suffered violence and sexual assault. In addition, 34 people received bribes.


   However, the abnormal consequences caused by excessive emphasis on athletic performance still need time to uncover and eliminate.


   (Mad Joe)


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