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Tiger Fight, October 13th. This year, the 36-year-old Brazilian star Robinho chose to return to his roots and signed with Santos for the fourth time in his career. His current monthly salary is only 230 euros. The two sides have signed a contract for five months.


Robinho accepted an exclusive interview with "Full Market" yesterday and confirmed the rumors that he was only getting a monthly salary of 230 euros. At the same time, he also reviewed his 18-year career and said that he cherishes the time playing for AC Milan.


I am very happy to return to Santos. This is my team and my home. This team has allowed me to realize my dream of becoming a professional player. Now it has given me a huge opportunity to stay. In professional football, this kind of joy is unparalleled, I can hardly describe it in words.


Yes, I have received offers from several European teams. But I am 36 years old. For the sake of my wife and children, I would like to return to my hometown to play football. I am no longer the child that I used to be. I am now a man and I must put the interests of my family first.


How do you say this in Italian? It’s so cool to be able to play in Serie A (laughs), let’s put it this way, I have a lot of offers from outside Brazil, but I decided to follow my heart, Santos is my home, it is more than just a football for me club.


This is true, but to be honest, I don't like everyone paying too much attention to this matter. Under the influence of this global epidemic, I think everyone should do their part, so I chose to play these five-month matches almost free of charge. Santos needs me, just as I needed Santos' help at the beginning of my career, we just need to adapt to it all.

的确如此,但老实说,我不希望每个人都对此事过于关注。在这种全球性流行病的影响下,我认为每个人都应该尽自己的一份力量,因此我选择免费参加这五个月的比赛。 Santos需要我,就像我在职业生涯初期需要Santos的帮助一样,我们只需要适应所有这些。

It was a wonderful four years. I scored more than 30 goals, won an unforgettable Serie A trophy, and an Italian Super Cup. The feeling was really good at the time. Milan is a world-class team. I was very fortunate to be able to play with Pato, Gattuso, Seedorf, Ronaldinho, Thiago Silva, Inzaghi Champions like, Kaka and Ibrahimovic compete on the same field.


This doesn't surprise me at all. Ibrahimovic has always been a role model for professional players. He was born for football. When I was in Milan, I was fortunate to train and play with him. I saw his ability to improve the team's level every day. This is really an honor for me, and I still treat him as he is close to 40 years old. It is no surprise that the phenomenon level has been maintained. Milan has many young talents, they need experience and advice from leading players, and Ibrahimovic is the most suitable candidate, he is an undisputed champion player.


This will be a difficult and exciting contest. Inter Milan and Real Madrid are divided into a very competitive group, but both of them are top teams. They will fight for the first place in the group. When such two teams When teams clash, any result can happen. I think both teams will have a wonderful performance in their home games, and Inter Milan is no worse than Real Madrid.


I think Serie A is still one of the best leagues in the world. It has both history and level. Moreover, Serie A is no longer only a team that can play Juve. All are reviving. I have only high opinions on Italian football, Italians and life in Italy.


I now want to face everyone with a brand new attitude. I am 36 years old, and I feel like I finally wake up (laughs). I want to send you a hug, especially the Milan fans, I wish them good luck in the new season, I will never forget them, Milan always come on!


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