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Tai Chi fighters come on the bench


Sun Xingyun is still the protagonist


This is not the first time this season that Sun Xingmin won the star of this round. In the fourth round of the Premier League match on the evening of October 4, Sun Xingmin, who was expected to miss four weeks of the game against Newcastle United last week due to a hamstring injury, magically appeared in the away game between Tottenham and Manchester United. People once doubted whether Sun Xingmin was really injured before. An incredible 6-1, scored twice again, and raised his total number of goals to six, ranking first in the scorer list. This afternoon at Old Trafford could not be more wonderful for Sun Xingmin. No wonder he would say: "My hamstring was enchanted."


Sun Xingyun completes the goal


In the away game with Manchester United, Tottenham was the first to take advantage of the penalty kick. But soon, Ndongbele helped the team equalize and both sides returned to the same starting line. In the 7th minute, Harry Kane quickly sent a free kick from the backcourt to Sun Xingmin, and Sun Qiuwang quickly ran to the opponent's penalty area to shoot the goal, 2-1! This is also the fifth goal of Sun Xingmin this season, and the assist is Kane.

在与曼联的客场比赛中,托特纳姆热刺率先利用点球得分。但是很快,Ndongbele帮助球队实现了平衡,并且双方回到了同一起跑线。在第7分钟,哈里·凯恩(Harry Kane)从后场迅速将任意球送给孙兴民,孙秋旺迅速冲向对手的禁区射门,将比分改写为2-1!这也是孙兴民本赛季的第五个进球,而凯恩的助攻是。

Kane assists Sun Xingmin to score

Kane assist是sun xing民to score

Double swords


In the 31st minute, Sun Xingmin passed Kane into the penalty area, and the latter shot in front of the penalty area to complete his personal goal.


Sun Xingming's return


Six minutes later, Sun Xingmin received a pass from Oliya and shot the ball into the goal guarded by De Gea from a small angle. Tottenham led 4-1.

六分钟后,孙兴民从奥里亚(Oliya)传球,球从小角度射入了德吉亚(De Gea)防守的球门。托特纳姆热刺4-1。

Oliya assists Sun Xingmin

o利亚assist是sun xing民

Sun Xingyi's second goal

sun xing意识second goal

At the same time, this goal was also Sun Xingmin's 100th goal in the European League. He also completely surpassed his predecessor Che Fangen to become the Asian player who has scored the most goals in Europe in history. In the second half, Olier and Kane scored again. In the end, Tottenham swept Manchester United 6-1 in the Dream Theater and won this crucial Premier League victory.


Best team


In this campaign, Sun Xingyu was replaced in 73 minutes in the first game, scored two goals and contributed an assist. After the game, he was selected as the MVP of the round and was also named the left winger among the 11 best players in the Premier League by the British media. There shouldn't be any controversy about this kind of performance being the star of this round.


Li Gangren comes off the bench


On October 3, Spanish local time, the fourth round of La Liga in the 2020-21 season began to compete. In the starting list of Valencia's home game against Real Betis, we once again did not see Li Gangren. Since the "scuffball conflict" with the captain, Xiao Li has been on the bench for two consecutive games. It's just a short 8 minutes compared to the last time. This time, Li Gangren has more time. He was replaced in the 56th minute of the second half and played for 34 minutes. Among them, all 11 passes were successful, and 100% of the passes were completed. He was the most eye-catching player in the second half of the team. Unfortunately, the team still failed to make a difference and lost to Betis 0-2. I hope that next time, Li Gangren's playing time can be longer and he can bring more contributions to the team.


Bordeaux played in Korean costumes


In this round of the Ligue 1 match between Bordeaux and Dijon, South Korean fans were pleasantly surprised to find that the players’ names in Korean were printed on the players’ jerseys, which also gave them a great sense of intimacy. October 9th is the "Korean Day" in Korean culture. The Bordeaux club also pays tribute to Korean culture in this special way. Of course, it is possible for a foreign club to make such a move, thanks to the fact that the team has a Korean player. , He is Huang Yizhu.

在波尔多和第戎之间的Ligue 1比赛中,韩国球迷惊喜地发现,韩国球员的名字印在球员的球衣上,这也给了他们极大的亲切感。 10月9日是韩国文化的“韩国日”。波尔多俱乐部也以这种特殊方式向韩国文化致敬。当然,外国球队有可能采取这样的举动,这要归功于球队拥有韩国球员。 ,他是黄一柱。



In this game against Dijon, Huang Yizhu came off the bench in the 63rd minute. After debuting, the South Korean center appeared to be extremely hardworking, sparing no effort to run on every inch of turf. In the 84th minute, he had a chance to score, but in the end the ball was cleared on the goal line by the opponent defender and made a corner kick. However, Huang Yizhu will not be depressed because he did not score a goal, because the team's 3-0 victory over the opponent, the team's success naturally made him smile.


Freiburg's two will once again appear at the same time


Last week, the Bundesliga in the 2020-21 season started the third round of the contest. In this round, apart from the Korean Gemini in Freiburg, no Korean players have appeared in the Bundesliga. Although Huang Heecan entered the big list, but due to injuries, the coach did not force him to play for the sake of insurance. This is also Huang Heecan's first this season. Absent a game. Of course, in the game between Freiburg and Dortmund, even though Freiburg defeated Dortmund 0-4 away, Zheng Youying and Quan Changxun made their appearances again at the same time, with two consecutive rounds, Zheng Youying and Quan Changxun. At least this season has gained trust.


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