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After winning the La Liga championship in the 2019-20 season, Real Madrid chose a large number of cleaning staff in the next summer window, and even some of the still-usable rotation players were also dealt with, but there were not many signings. In addition to the economic crisis caused by the epidemic, it can also be seen that Real Madrid is ready to raise funds, next season to attack Mbappe and other big targets with all their strength, for this reason can even sacrifice this season appropriately.


In the past seasons after Real Madrid's championship, the league played very poorly because of mental slack and decline. Including the 2012-13 and 2017-18 seasons with strong troops and strong horses, Real Madrid's paper strength at the time was not weaker than Barcelona or even stronger, but they quickly fell behind in the long-distance running of the league. The 2007-08 season, the only time Real Madrid defended the La Liga title in this century, happened to be a substantial signing and reinforcement (signing Robben, Sneijder, Pepe, Heinze, etc.), and then Bring the "catfish effect" within the team.

在皇马夺冠之后的过去几个赛季中,由于精神上的懈怠和衰落,联盟的表现非常糟糕。包括在2012-13和2017-18赛季拥有强大部队和强劲马匹的赛季,皇马当时的纸面实力并不比巴萨弱或什至更强,但在长距离联赛中却迅速落后。 2007-08赛季,皇家马德里本世纪唯一一次捍卫西甲冠军,恰好是一次实质性的签约和强化(签下罗本,斯内德,佩佩,海因兹等),然后带来““鱼效应”在团队中。

The strength of Real Madrid last season is far from that of 2012-13 and 2017-18. Without new aid and bloodletting, fans can't help but sweat this season. Coupled with the exceptionally short pre-season preparation time this season and the lack of sufficient rest and adjustment time for the veterans, this has caused many people to be optimistic about the prospects of Real Madrid's new season from the beginning. However, it is not necessary to be too pessimistic at the starting line, and judging from the two games in the opening season, the team's performance is not too bad, and it can do better.


Judging from the first game against Real Sociedad, Zidane produced a set of purely technical midfielders, with Erdgau returning on loan to partner Kroos and Modric. The intention of this style of play is very obvious, that is, the opening high pressure, using the flexible small-scale cooperation and creativity between the players to tear the opponent's defense line, trying to score as soon as possible and then change the formation. The opening scene of the game was also in line with the team's expectations. In the first 30 minutes, Real Madrid could be described as a drop in mercury. Through fierce high pressure and flexible transmission of anti-visitors, Real Sociedad was almost suppressed at halftime. Unfortunately, the goal was not scored, and it was difficult to create a truly threatening opportunity due to the excessive compression of the opponent's back line.

从对阵皇家社会的第一场比赛来看,齐达内产生了一组纯粹的技术中场球员,而埃德高则转借给了合作伙伴克罗斯和莫德里奇。这种打法的意图非常明显,那就是开放的高压,利用球员之间灵活的小规模合作和创造力撕破对手的防守线,试图尽快得分并改变阵型。游戏的开幕场面也符合团队的期望。在最初的30分钟内,皇家马德里可谓是汞含量下降。通过激烈的高压和灵活的反访问者传播,Real Sociedad在中场休息时间几乎被压制。不幸的是,没有进球,并且由于对手的后卫线压力过大,很难创造真正的威胁机会。

In this style of play, Vinicius and Rodrigo did not play very well against the Brazilian double star. Once there is no way to get the lead, as the veterans' physical fitness drops and the back line is too forward, it is easy to be out of touch. In the second half of the game against Real Sociedad, Real Madrid encountered this problem. Although Zidane adjusted the situation through substitutions, he still could only get a 0-0 draw.


Through the opening game, Zidane found the problem, so for Betis, he adopted a diamond-shaped midfielder + double forwards, trying to use Jovic to liberate Benzema, while letting Valverde and Casemiro start. To ensure the hardness of the midfield and the ability to plug in the back row. In fact, Real Madrid also achieved early results. The first goal came from Benzema's flexible pull-in pass to Valverde. Zidane's vision can be said to be successful.


But Betis quickly took advantage of the weakness of Real Madrid's wing and the loss of midfield control after Casemiro was injured to counterattack and quickly surpassed the score. Vinicius may be a bit rough and immature in technology and consciousness, but his speed and impact are always a weapon that can suppress the opponent's back line. At the same time, since he wants to play a diamond midfielder, Isco is undoubtedly a more suitable midfielder than Erdgau.

但是贝蒂斯很快就利用了皇马球队的弱点和卡塞米罗因反攻受伤而迅速超越中场后失去中场控制的优势。 Vinicius在技术和意识上可能有些粗糙和不成熟,但是他的速度和影响力始终是可以压制对手后卫的武器。同时,由于他想打钻石中场,所以伊斯科无疑比埃德高更适合中场。

After the intermission, Zidane really replaced Erdgau and Kroos with Isco and Modric, continued to exert high pressure and maintained the creativity of the frontcourt, while allowing the two full-backs to insert significantly. Betis coach Pellegrini was obviously a little under-prepared. Real Madrid quickly evened the score at the beginning of the second half: Carvajal made a cross from the right, Benzema outflanked, and Emerson, who returned to defense, made a mistake. Scored Oolong. However, Real Madrid still has a lot of hidden dangers in this kind of fighting game. It is destined to be difficult to last because of the high physical consumption. Especially after the replacement of Cross, the team's control ability is further weakened.


Although Isco is a suitable candidate for the midfielder, he obviously hasn't adjusted to his best condition. Many passes and catches can be better. Betis also quickly responded to Real Madrid's pressing tactics. Not only did it enhance the interaction between the midfielders, but also used the same fierce pressing, and through continuous cooperation and rapid advancement, many times used Real Madrid's full-backs to insert. Create opportunities in the future. Therefore, although Real Madrid regained the advantage in the early part of the second half, it was still dangerous in the middle of the second half.


The turning point of the game was Real Madrid's corner kick counterattack: Benzema instigated a counterattack, and Jovic was single-handedly overthrown by opposing defender Emerson, creating a key red card, allowing the team to regain the initiative and eventually lead the score. It can be seen that Benzema still plays an important role in Real Madrid’s first two goals and this red card. He is not only a key killer in front of the goal, but also the core of the team’s frontcourt. Empty, and can retreat to take the ball organization and send a key pass.


The only worrying thing is that he will soon be 33 years old, and his role is almost no substitute for a young forward. In fact, in the handling of some key opportunities in this game, Benzema also showed his old attitude. Once he and Ramos are no longer able to eat, Real Madrid is bound to reorganize the central axis. For now, Zidane needs to plan a reasonable B plan to allow these veterans to get adjustments and rest and avoid a new round of pain.


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Although the first two games of the league have 1 draw and 1 win to remain unbeaten, Zidane has a lot to do to maintain sustained competitiveness in the league. In addition to adjusting the status of the existing personnel, the tactics should also be simplified and complicated. It should not be too obsessive with the small coordination passing control in the middle. Especially when facing opponents who are good at attacking on the side, the team's running coverage and side The breadth of the road is important. In the long league competition, the newcomers such as Erdgau and Jovic who have not yet integrated into the team are still worth developing. For last year's heaviest signing Hazard, it is the best opportunity to prove himself.


(John Zhang)


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